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There are three levels of participation:

   Active Membership:  Any person whose primary occupation is involved with Cancer Registry, or other related fields. They shall be entitled to all membership privileges including the right to vote, hold office, chair a committee, and serve on committees.

Associate Membership:  Any person interested in the purpose of TODAA who does not meet the qualification of active membership.  They shall be entitled to vote and serve on committees, but they cannot hold office or chair a committee. 

    Student Membership:  Any person who is enrolled in a college level curriculum and is interested in the purposes of TODAA, but who does not meet the qualifications for active membership.  A student member shall not vote, hold office or chair a committee but may serve on a committee. 

You can send a check to:

Ying Qi

701 Dawson Creek Lane

Knoxville, TN 37922

Printable PDF Form (send with check-Payable to TODAA)- 2021 TODAA APPLICATION.pdf

Or you can pay securely online in PayPal by selecting your level below:

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